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Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse

Legal Services for Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse Cases in Barrie & Area

Although nursing homes are entrusted to provide a safe and caring environment for our elderly family members, there remains a risk of this trust being broken. If you suspect that a loved one has been neglected or subjected to abuse at their long-term care facility, please contact our Barrie office at 705-725-7355 to see if we can help. With no upfront legal fees or expenses, we can ensure that you get the care you need and the compensation you are owed without breaking the bank.


For many reasons, families rely on nursing homes to ensure much-needed care for their elders. Although nursing homes are entrusted to provide a safe haven and caring environment for our seniors and people with special needs, there still remains a risk of this trust being broken. If you suspect that your elderly loved one is being or had been neglected or subjected to abuse, Littlejohn Barristers can help you. Our nursing home negligence or abuse lawyers, serving Midland, Collingwood, Orillia and surrounding Ontario areas, are dedicated to helping the victims of poor care. They have the knowledge and experience to take necessary legal actions and achieve justice and compensation for the harm done.

Signs of Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse

Always be vigilant about the following nursing home negligence or abuse signs:

  • Physical Injuries, such as bruises, wounds, cuts, or so forth.

  • Bedsores or pest bites, especially when left untreated.

  • Unexplained weight loss or dehydration.

  • Odours due to fecal, urine, or poor personal hygiene.

  • Unattended health or hygiene conditions.

  • Unnotified alterations in the resident’s medication.

You should also regularly survey the living conditions in the nursing home. Spotting fleas, lice, or dust in the room is a sign of poor maintenance routine. Have a keen eye on the assigned caregiver. In case they fails to properly update you on the resident’s condition or doesn’t permit you to meet your loved one alone, chances are that something is not right.

Common Areas of Nursing Home Lawsuits or Conflicts

A number of reasons can fuel your dissatisfaction or anguish with your nursing home:

Poor Care or Treatment

  • Improper or insufficient medical care.

  • Medication errors.

  • Substandard monitoring.

  • Health problems, which are preventable and arise due to delays.

Denial of Resident Rights

  • Imposing decisions despite the resident’s denial.

  • Restricting the resident within the room.

  • Disregarding the resident’s genuine requests.


  • Financial abuse.

  • Improper pest or mould control measures.

  • Misappropriation of property.

  • And more.

Many residents or patients are unable to speak against the abuse or neglect, which make it go unnoticed. In other scenarios, they may even be afraid to voice their problems due to the fear of upsetting the caregiver or staff angry and invite their mistreatment. What is even worse is the fear that no one will believe them if they tell about the injustice going on with them.

Negligence of Care

  • Inadequate diet or non-compliance of prescribed diet.

  • No or delayed care for bedsores or pest bites.

  • Lack of timely incontinent care.

  • Improper handling of residents with special needs.

  • Injuries arising from improper handling.

Resident Abuse

  • Physical/mental/sexual abuse at the hands of staff or other patients.

Do You Suspect an Issue With Your Nursing Home? Here Is What You Can Do:

If you suspect negligence of care and duty or abuse, start jotting down all the red signals in detail and also gather possible evidence, such as taking photos of injuries or securing medical records. Without any further delay, make a formal complaint about the issue with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. In case of a serious negligence or abuse issue, have your patient moved out of the room, facility, or nursing home.

At the same time, seek reliable legal help from Littlejohn Barristers. Our nursing home negligence or abuse lawyers can efficiently prepare your legal case and advocate strongly for compensation. Although compensation may not be able to undo what the patient has suffered, we will work hard to secure maximum financial resources possible to aid you with the patient's healing and recovery. Our legal services are rendered on a contingency fee basis. No amount of fee is charged unless you receive the money due against your case’s settlement or judgement. Littlejohn Barristers also incur up-front expenses during the case, which are usually recovered after the settlement.

Do You Have Suspicions Of Nursing Home Negligence Or Abuse? Call Littlejohn Barristers Today.

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