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A Barrie Lawyer for Dog Bites and Animal Attack Claims

Dog bites and animal attacks happen every year, but many people don’t realize that they can file a personal injury claim concerning the incident. Basically, pet owners are responsible for what their pet does and need to be held accountable should their animal cause injuries or other damages. Even a trusted family pet can sometimes hurt someone. If you have been bitten by a dog or suffered an animal attack, talk to a lawyer at Barrie’s Littlejohn Barristers.

We know that when it comes to dog bites, the animal in question may belong to a friend, neighbour, or even family member. It can be difficult to face pursuing a lawsuit against someone you know, but it’s important to receive the compensation you deserve for incidents involving animals. A lawyer in Barrie from Littlejohn Barristers has the experience and knowledge to handle sensitive cases like these. We understand the complexities and have a proven track record in personal injury claims that can help you achieve the results you need.

What to Do If You’ve Suffered a Dog Bite or Animal Attack

So you’ve just been injured as a result of a dog bite or animal attack – what do you do? Dog bites and animal attacks can cause trauma and severe harm such as infection or disability. It’s important to address these claims as soon as possible because of the time limits and other limitations surrounding animal attacks and personal injury. Talking to a lawyer in Barrie, Ontario, like the experienced professionals at Littlejohn Barristers, can determine the best course of action for your claim.

After you’ve tended to your medical needs, it’s important that you identify the dog owner. This allows the police and local municipality to prosecute the owner who is the responsible party in this incident. It will also give your lawyer in Barrie, Ontario the opportunity to contact the owner and place them on notice for the claim. This way any insurance policies that may cover the situation can be triggered. Identifying the owner may be a difficult task, especially if this happened out in the open and you aren’t sure who the dog belonged to. In this case talking to witnesses at the scene right away can help.

Dog Bite Owners’ Liability Act – What You Should Know

With dog bites and animal attacks in Ontario, the legal responsibility and liability is governed by the Dog Owner’s Liability Act. As a result of the provisions in this law, dog owners are held to a high standard with very limited defences to claims for compensation by victims of their dog’s attack. All you have to do is identify the dog and its owner and prove the animal caused you harm. In most cases the compensation for these claims are generally covered by the dog owner’s home or tenant insurance policies. If the dog owner has neither policy, then the compensation comes directly from them. Barrie law firms, including Littlejohn Barristers, can help whether you are dealing with an insurance company or the dog’s owner.

Get a Professional on Your Side – Book a Consultation with Littlejohn Barristers

At Littlejohn Barristers, we can represent your dog bite or animal attack claim. We have experience working with a variety of clients who have been attacked by dogs, from adults and children to delivery people and mail carriers. If you are looking for a lawyer serving Barrie, Orillia or surrounding areas, Littlejohn Barristers can help you. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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