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Littlejohn Barristers Professional Corporation was started with the support of our first clients, the Kitsons. These clients took a chance on this law firm when it was first established. We will be forever grateful. These are a few of our most recent testimonials from our many satisfied clients.

Thank you, Mr. Littlejohn, for having done a phenomenal job!

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Welcoming and Straightforward

I'm delighted I chose Littlejohn Barristers as my legal team. Following the accident, I was overwhelmed with anxiety, making it challenging to consider seeking legal help. However, I took the step to consult them, and I'm thankful I did. The process was welcoming and straightforward. They handled all the work, covered assessment costs, and took excellent care of me. We reached a settlement without going to court, securing the full compensation we initially sought. I'm grateful to Littlejohn Barristers and their outstanding team, especially Ryan H, for the support throughout.

Jake M.

Professional and Compassionate

Mr. Littlejohn and his team have been professional and compassionate from start to finish. I would highly recommend this firm for your personal injury case. Thank you Ryan for all your help.

Cindy H.


Exceptional Assistance

We've recently completed our second round of representation with Robert Littlejohn's firm and we have been so appreciative for all of their help and consideration.


After my wife's first accident, the insurance company was not forthcoming with all of the therapies and treatments coming to her under our policy. We went to the Littlejohn firm in frustration and he took over completely, forcing the insurance company to make all of the treatments and therapies available.


Also, my wife's injuries were both physical but mostly cognitive, sometimes very difficult to prove and requiring countless required assessments at the request of the insurance company. He helped us navigate the confusion and frustration we were forced to experience at the hands of our own insurance company and that of the driver who caused the action.


Every time we felt it was time to just close the case to get rid of the constant hassle, he convinced us that we had a strong case and that we would benefit greatly by continuing. Five exhausting years later, he secured a very healthy settlement, a lot more than we ever dreamed possible.


The second time, it was a single car accident and we only found out we might have a case when we went back to his office because the insurance company was giving us problems again with treatments and therapies.


Just as in the first accident, his team gave us exceptional assistance in procuring a sizeable settlement where we once more thought it was not possible.


My advice to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident, don't assume that everything is cut and dried and that the insurance company is totally on your side. We went to the Littlejohn team for help and I would recommend the same to anyone.

Don L.


Perfect Lawyer and Team for You

Need a good lawyer and his team behind and with you for a MVA or personal injury case? I know the PERFECT lawyer and team for you. Mr. Rob Littlejohn and his team,


My husband was involved unfortunately in two serious MVAs. Both times we started out with different lawyers. The second time wasn't our choice but a conflict of interest made that choice for us. Fortunately circumstances brought us back together.


Both cases were difficult ones because of unprofessional lawyers and their lack of knowledge; both times when we went to Rob we were hanging on by a thread with no HOPE.


The second suit we went from having an almost non-existent case to having a catastrophic impairment case. If it wasn't for Rob and his team fighting for us and our family I don't know where we'd be today.


Rob and the team are full of caring, knowledge, and if there is any case at all they will get it done.



Deb M.


The Entire Team at LittleJohn Barristers Goes Above and Beyond!

I was always listened to and supported; events and happenings were explained if I was unable to process or understand them.


All support staff/lawyers are super patient & accommodating to clients needs.


I am so thankful that I chose to use this firm; they helped me when nobody else would. You don’t just get a lawyer... you get an amazing team that works so well together!


During times of stress and struggle with the insurance company, and all the other difficulties that result from an auto accident ~ LittleJohn Barristers kept going; even when I was ready to give up.


For this I am so thankful!


I would absolutely recommend you reach out to them.

Donna N.


Quality Lawyer Second to None

My wife was involved in an automobile collision and injured as a result.


When we contacted other law firms, they said it was not worth their time. When we met Mr Littlejohn, he was caring, open and saw potential issues well before hand, something the other firms missed.


When my wife became a client of Mr Littlejohn, we didn't just get a lawyer, we got an entire team. Everyone in his office is top notch. From the person answering the phone, to the people dealing with the insurance companies to the lawyers themselves, they all acted in a professional and caring manner, never belittling our concerns or stress from the insurance companies.


He was always looking ahead and as a result, we got a verdict that far exceeded what we anticipated. This was a direct result from Mr Littlejohn's insight and the quality of the people he surrounds himself with.


My wife and I can not put into words the appreciation we have for him and his team. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough.


We would recommend Robert Littlejohn and his team to anyone looking for a quality lawyer second to none.

Ian W.


Dedicated Staff

They really do care about the client... they deal totally hands on with you at every turn.

I’m so impressed by there dedicated staff and the supportive ppl they have to assist me.

Jay T.


Thank You for Making a Difference in My Life

Dear Robert and John,
As I reflect on this year, I realize my expression of gratitude to you is long overdue. I want to thank you for your assistance in achieving financial compensation for my elbow injury that occurred in 2014.

Your professionalism and thoroughness in my case was outstanding. Fortunately, this was my first and hopefully last personal injury. I did not know what to expect. John’s extreme patience with explaining the process and answering all of my questions along the way was very reassuring. Also, he made me very aware that the timeline would be three to five years and as it turned out, it was four and half.

Thank you for making a difference in my life. The arm will never be straight again. I do have pain when I reach for things and probably will experience another surgery on the elbow down the road. However, having been compensated financially helps a lot. Also I know you extended to me even more than we had originally agreed upon. Thank you and that difference has been donated to help others as one good turn deserves another.

I wish you continued success in all of your wok. If you ever need a reference for a client who resides outside of Canada, I would be most happy to be a reference. Also if you ever need information on our Scottsdale area for future visits let me know. Rick and I would be most happy to take you for a drink to one of our favorite locations if you would like to do that.

In appreciation for all of your work, your knowledge, your professionalism, and your exceptional ability to navigate personal injury claims, I say Thank YOU.

Wishing you all of the best for 2020!

Brenda M.


Very Pleased With the Result

After having had a bad experience with another lawyer, I was amazed at how quickly Mr. Littlejohn dealt with this matter. I was also very pleased with the result! I would recommend him to anyone.



Obtained Excellent Results

Littlejohn Barristers made sure I got what my claims were worth. I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr. Littlejohn by a neighbour – someone working at the courthouse. Over the years, before my accident I had thought my insurers, who I paid every month would support me when I needed it. I had thought that my insurers would do the right thing that is why I had paid insurance. I had had no earlier insurance claims. I was mistaken. Littlejohn Barristers looked after all of my claims and obtained excellent results in each and every one of them. Although I continued to be injured, I now don’t have to worry about money. I would highly recommend Littlejohn Barristers to anyone that requires an excellent lawyer.



A Future I Can Now Look Forward To!
I felt like Mr. Littlejohn genuinely cared about my injuries and what I was going through. He always made time to talk and discuss things with me thoroughly and properly. Great guy, amazing staff (Pamela is wonderful) and my end result has set me up for a future I can finally look forward to! Go to Littlejohn Barristers you won't be disappointed. 5 stars.


Very Professional & Helpful

Accidents happen and when they do we need help. I am very grateful that I found Littlejohn Barristers. They were very professional and helpful to me. I would highly recommend them any time you need professional help.



Littlejohn Barristers ROCK!!

Thank you for everything you have done for me.


Sometimes life throws us curve balls, as I was thrown a life-altering one. It was all by chance that I met with Mr. Littlejohn after being involved in a horrific car accident. A complete stranger referred his office to my dad after he had stopped to lend a hand to broken down motorist a few days after my accident. Littlejohn Barristers were always ready and willing to help with any questions or problems that I was having related to my accident. I was always treated with compassion and respect. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. It was a lengthy process but Mr. Littlejohn and his office made sure all my ducks were in a row, and that in itself ensured the compensation that I deserved.

Michelle T.


A Superb Job

A special thank you to you and your team. I have never experienced such professionalism in my life. There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up the fight, but the Littlejohn Barristers team always somehow managed to pick my spirits up and keep me in the fight. What you have done for me will forever change my life. There are not many words that can explain the listening ears when I needed to talk or the office staff that put in so many hours on the volumes of material compiled. I thank you for believing in me and my children. Thank you on a superb job well done. Again thanks, and I hope we can all stay in touch. You will come highly recommended by anyone who asks. All the best to a successful future for your firm. You have built a team beyond compare.



It Seemed Impossible

Mr. Littlejohn, I would like to thank you for looking into my case which seemed impossible. I appreciate all your effort on my behalf and want you to know the settlement will definitely make things easier at the farm!

Christine G.


Heartfelt Gratitude

It’s easy to say thank you, but it’s harder to convey the heartfelt gratitude felt today. Your thoughtfulness means more than words can ever say.

Marina D.


You Never Gave Up on Us

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us! You never gave up on us and you always kept us thinking positive. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Sherry M.


Getting the Best Settlement

I truly appreciate your negotiating the best settlement for my type of accident.

Judy D.


Phenomenal Job

Thank you, Mr. Littlejohn, for having done a phenomenal job!



Very Grateful

Thank you for all you have done for the kids and me. We are all very grateful.

The Gorman Family


Care and Professionalism

My husband and I would like to thank you for all of your care and professionalism with regards to my case. We both felt very supported and comfortable throughout the last two and a half years.

The Eastwood Family


Appreciate Your Service

Staff, I appreciate everything in the past two years that you were able to help me with. I have and will continue letting others know about your service.

Stephanie S.


Will Recommend

You guys were awesome! I will recommend you to everyone!



Exceeded Expectations

Littlejohn Barristers exceeded my expectations! I am glad they represented me! I would recommend them to you!

Violet D.




Disclaimer: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The amount recovered and other litigation outcomes

will vary according to the facts in each individual case.




For your convenience, we’re located just minutes from the County Courthouse. Call Littlejohn Barristers today at 705-725-7355 to find out how we can help you in your fight for justice. Our office is in Barrie, but our lawyers are proud to serve Midland, Collingwood, Orillia and surrounding Ontario areas.






I understand and acknowledge that I have not retained Littlejohn Barristers to represent me by submitting this inquiry. I understand and acknowledge that I have not retained Littlejohn Barristers to represent me unless and until I have signed a Contingency Fee Retainer Agreement with Littlejohn Barristers.*

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