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Accident Benefits Claims

Helping You Win Barrie Accident Benefits Claims

If you’ve been in an accident because of another person’s negligence or fault, you may have injuries or a disability as a result. You may be behind on bill payments, swamped with medical needs, or unable to work. However, you can seek help from several sources. Often an insurance company will pay benefits. In car accident claims, your car insurance company may owe you benefits.

Our Barrie accident lawyer can represent you in personal injury and accident benefit claims, and help you get the benefits you need. You can trust our experience in all aspects of the legal process, from paperwork to working with the insurance companies and defendants.

Depending on your claim, you could be entitled to many different kinds of benefits. We’ll work with you individually to get the benefits you deserve.

Types of Insurance Benefits

Death Benefits

In the event that you or a loved one dies because of an accident, you or your loved ones may be able to get benefits to cover funeral expenses. You could receive death benefits between $10-25,000, depending on the relationship with the deceased.

Like other insurance benefits, you do have to qualify based on work, date of death after accident, etc.

Income Replacement Benefits
If your injury or disability means you can’t work, you might be entitled to income replacement benefits. Depending on your circumstances, you can receive a percentage of your normal income to help cover bills and other day-to-day expenses. You don’t need to worry that you’ll lose power because you’ve been injured.

Income replacement benefits usually apply to people who were employed at least half the previous year and are unable to work as they did before the accident.

Medical Benefits
You may be eligible for insurance benefits to cover medical costs such as medications, hospital care, wheelchairs, physical therapy, or chiropractic services.

Your auto insurance claims may also cover the costs of rehabilitating you into the workforce and your daily life.

Non-Earner Benefits
If you weren’t working at the time of the injury, but were enrolled in school or recently graduated and the injury has left you unable to continue or seek work in your field, you can receive non-earner benefits.

You may also be eligible for benefits to cover tuition, books, room, and board if you were previously enrolled but the injury keeps you from continuing.

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