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Fatal Accident Lawyer

Fatal Accident Lawyer in Barrie

After the loss of a loved one, you don't want to worry about fighting through the legalese of insurance policies only to watch the insurance company deny your claim. Call on a fatal accident lawyer in Barrie to help you through the initial insurance application or appeals process.

Financial burden should not have to accompany your grief. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to get you the money you need.

Who Can File an Insurance Claim?

If you recently lost a loved one to a fatal accident, you may be able to seek compensation. Persons eligible for compensation include:


  Common-law spouses






What Compensation is Available?

Although no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, Ontario law does provide monetary compensation for specific losses and expenses, including:

  Lost companionship and guidance your loved one would have provided

  Lost financial contributions (including income) the deceased would have provide

  Funeral and burial expenses

  Household service, family work, and chore expenses incurred due to the loss of a loved one

About Littlejohn Barrister: Your Lawyer in Barrie

At Littlejohn Barristers, we dedicate ourselves to your case. We want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. We only take personal injury cases, so you can trust your Barrie lawyer to have the experience and education necessary to represent you.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations so you can tell us about your case and we can offer you options that work for you.

As you go through this difficult time, you don't need to worry about money as well. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 705-725-7355 for your free consultation.

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For your convenience, we’re located just minutes from the County Courthouse. Call Littlejohn Barristers today at 705-725-7355 to find out how we can help you in your fight for justice. Our office is in Barrie, but our lawyers are proud to serve Midland, Collingwood, Orillia and surrounding Ontario areas.

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