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SLIP & FALL Claims


If you are the victim of personal injury due to a slip and fall, there are some things you need to know before filing a claim. Your medical bills, lost wages, and pain should be the responsibility of the party whose negligence caused your suffering, so you need to brave the complexities of the civil litigation process to get the compensation you deserve.

Whether it happened at work, a place of business, or someone’s personal property, recovering from a slip and fall can leave you out of work and overwhelmed with the stress of medical bills. However, the slip and fall injury lawyers at Littlejohn Barristers are capable of helping you on the road to recovery.

Getting Back on Your Feet with a Slip and Fall injury claim

Here are some things you need to know when it comes to filing slip and fall injury claims:

  Before agreeing to any binding contracts, speak with a personal injury lawyer. You are not obligated to accepting the initial offer insurance companies provide—whether it’s your own or not.

  If you suffer a slip and fall while on someone else’s personal property, you may be subject to their insurance rather than your own (provided they are insured). This can create problems for the injured party because they do not have access to the level of medical treatment or policies they prefer. The party filing the claim is also subject to the terms and conditions of that insurance provider, as well as their costs. You might not get the coverage you need.

  Keep a detailed record of the accident and the results of the accident. Properly document the location, cause, injuries, medical procedures, lost wages, and time/process to recover. We suggest that our clients wait a year before filing claims to ensure they have the proper medical documentation needed to verify their case.

  Contact any witnesses of your slip and fall that can testify to the negligence of the party responsible for your injuries.

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