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Sports Injury Claims

Sports Injury Lawyer in Barrie

If you or a loved one has sustained a sports injury due to negligence, intentional or careless conduct, inadequate supervision or unsafe facilities, you could be entitled to receive compensation. At Littlejohn Barristers in Barrie, we understand that sports injuries such as broken bones, fractures and concussions can significantly affect the victim and their family. If you want to find out if you have a case, contact our team for a free consultation.

Common Sports Injuries

Although many sports injuries are immediately apparent, some can take hours or even days to become apparent. Here are a few examples of the most common sports injuries:

Fractured bones

Head injuries

Vision and hearing damage


Spinal cord, shoulder and knee injuries

It's important to seek medical attention immediately after sustaining a sports injury, as the extent of the injury may be masked by shock.

The Difficulties of Proving a Sports Injury Claim

Sport injury lawsuits can be difficult to win due to the assumption of risk doctrine. This principle states that when you play a sport, you accept the inherent risks of the activity, including the possibility of sustaining a severe injury. Therefore, if you’re injured during the regular play, you’re not entitled to compensation as a victim. However, suppose you sustain an injury due to someone else’s negligent or excessively aggressive behaviour; you may be able to claim financial compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, home care assistance, pain and suffering and more.

In addition, many sports clubs, leagues and organizations require players to sign waivers before they can participate. These waivers generally state that you agree to give up the right to hold any person responsible if you become injured while playing the sport. However, to be effective, the waiver must specify the type of injuries covered. If the wording is ambiguous, it won’t be enforceable.

For your best chance of successfully navigating the complex legal process of obtaining compensation for a sports injury, you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer at Littlejohn Barristers.

Hire a Barrie Sport Injury Lawyer

While being active is a great way to stay healthy, some sports and recreational activities can result in devastating injuries that have long-lasting financial, emotional and physical consequences. If you or a loved one is injured in a sport-related accident, the personal injury lawyers at Littlejohn Barristers can help. Our team can assist you with claiming compensation for damages to ensure your medical treatment and other expenses are covered. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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