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The Importance of Legal Representation in Long-Term Disability Cases

You’ve been seriously injured in an accident. The injuries you sustained are preventing you from working, so you can rely on your long-term disability benefits to cover you, right?

If only it were so easy. Qualifying for disability benefits can be difficult. The application process is complex. Many legitimate long-term disability claims are denied by insurance companies, whether it be a missed deadline, mistake in the application form, or a lack of medical evidence to prove your disability to the insurer.

Long term disability lawyer

There are major benefits to hiring a long-term disability lawyer to help you apply and qualify for LTD benefits. Let’s have a look at the importance of legal representation in long-term disability cases.

Benefits of hiring a lawyer when dealing with LTD claims

The value of legal representation in LTD cases can’t be overstated. Here are some of the top benefits of having an LTD lawyer on your side:

  1. At the outset, your LTD lawyer will explain your rights and entitlements, as well as the expected timeline. You go into the process fully informed of your coverage and how long the process should take.

  2. Your lawyer will review your disability insurance policy to ensure your claim satisfies all policy requirements and explain whether there are exclusions, limitations, or other potential problems (“red tape”) that need to be addressed to increase the likelihood that your claim will be approved.

  3. You won’t have to figure out the process and procedure on your own. An experienced long-term disability lawyer can help you navigate the disability insurance claim process, including ensuring your paperwork is complete and accurate before you submit it. Mistakes in the application and missing information are a sure way to get your LTD claim denied.

  4. The onus is on you as the claimant to prove your disability. Your lawyer will help you understand the detailed information your doctor must include in his or her physicians report. Your lawyer can also assist you with gathering other essential evidence to support your disability, such as medical records, hospital records, and employment files. Third parties who hold these records tend to respond a lot faster when the request comes from a lawyer.

  5. On the flip side, there may be information that could seriously damage your claim. Your lawyer will explain exactly what you must share with the insurance company, and what you can hold back. Your LTD lawyer can also help minimize the negative impact of certain information, such as medical records reference pre-existing health concerns.

  6. Your lawyer will keep things moving forward. Insurance companies are notorious for delaying decisions and they often make claimants wait for unreasonable lengths of time with no response. A skilled long-term disability lawyer knows how to keep things moving to ensure you receive LTD benefits you are entitled to without delay.

  7. Your stress level will be greatly reduced once you retain a legal representative. In addition to guiding you through the process and assisting you with putting forward the best case possible, your lawyer will also communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. You can focus on rest, recovery and your own well-being without having to fight with the insurer.  

  8. If your initial application is denied, a long-term disability lawyer can help you understand why your claim was rejected, and what you can do next. Rights and options typically include the right to request an internal review or appeal of your claim, and the right to start a lawsuit against your insurance company for wrongful denial.

  9. There are strict deadlines and limitation periods, both when making a long-term disability claim and when commencing an appeal. For example, a Statement of Claim to start a civil lawsuit against the insurance company must be filed with the court within two years of your denial letter. Your lawyer will make you aware of these deadlines and ensure they aren’t missed. A skilled LTD lawyer can also be of immense assistance if you have already missed a  claim or appeal deadline—call ASAP to find out what can be done to revive your case. 

  10. Having a lawyer on your side enhances the likelihood of a successful outcome, whether your claim is in the initial application stage or under appeal.

Get Help From A Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Barrie disability lawyers at Littlejohn Barristers can assist you by answering all your questions regarding your long-term disability benefits claim. Your peace of mind is worth it. We can help you collect and present the best evidence possible and help you apply and qualify so you get the LTD benefits you deserve.  

If your LTD benefit claim application has already been denied, don’t give in. Call us to discuss your options today.

Littlejohn Barristers has a team of lawyers who are experts in disability insurance and will review your case with you. There is no up-front fee or cost involved in any initial meeting. If you require a Barrie long-term disability lawyer with extensive experience with LTD claims and LTD denials, please do not hesitate to contact Littlejohn Barristers at (705) 725-7355.


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