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Kid trick or treating on halloween near cars

Halloween is an exciting night for kids, but it can also be dangerous. The risk of being hurt in a car accident or other serious incident increases dramatically on Halloween. Here are dangers to be aware of and tips for staying safe this Halloween from our personal injury lawyers in Barrie.

Be on alert for these Halloween dangers The top dangers for trick or treating children on Halloween are car accidents and slip and falls. Conditions on Halloween night unfortunately create the perfect recipe for these types of incidents. Preoccupied pedestrians, distracted drivers, and reduced visibility when the sun goes down are all major contributing factors for Halloween car accidents. Impaired driving is also a significant risk as adults come and go from Halloween parties. Slip and falls are also extremely common on Halloween due to:

  • masks that block the wearer’s vision,

  • tripping hazards such as long costumes, costumes with feet attached, garden or walkway lighting, pumpkins, and other types of decorations, and

  • walking on unfamiliar terrain and/or poorly maintained properties.

The weather is also a major contributing factor. It can be rainy or snowing at this time of year. Wet and icy walkways lead to slip and fall injuries. Piles of leaves can hide hazards or be a hazard themselves if soggy and slippery. People often assume that car accidents are the bigger danger on Halloween. However, our slip and fall lawyers serving Barrie regularly see serious injuries including bone fractures and concussions arising out of slip and fall incidents. How you and your children can stay safe on Halloween Our number one tip for Halloween safety is this: “see and be seen.” Most car accidents and slip and falls happen when that tip is not followed. Here are ways for you and your children to avoid injury on Halloween:

  • Wear bright clothing and reflective gear so you are seen by drivers.

  • Avoid wearing a full-face mask that makes it difficult to see. If you or your child’s vision is blocked by a mask—even just a bit—it increases the chances of a slip and fall or walking into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

  • Cross at marked crosswalks and obey all traffic signs and signals. It is easy for children—even older children who should “know better”—to forget road safety rules when they are caught up in the excitement. Keep children at arm’s length so you can ensure they do not leave the sidewalk until it is safe to do so.

  • Stay on well-lighted streets as much as possible.

  • Be on alert for vehicles coming in and out of driveways. It can be particularly difficult for a driver backing out of a driveway to see a quickly moving child, especially when it is dark out.

  • Carry a flashlight to illuminate your path (walkways, steps, and front porches, etc.). Trick or treating means navigating unfamiliar properties. If you have a flashlight, you will be able to see—and avoid—tripping hazards that can lead to serious injury.

Injured in a Halloween car accident or slip and fall? Barrie lawyers are here to help Halloween is fun, but car accidents and slip and falls are no laughing matter. At Littlejohn Barristers in Barrie, we understand that injuries such as bone fractures and concussions are serious. These types of injuries are painful and can take weeks, months or even years to heal. In some cases, they can result in life-long complications. If you or your child has suffered from an injury caused by a car accident or other serious incident, our team can help secure fair and adequate compensation for loss and damages. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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