We Are a Personal Injury Law Firm Minutes Away from the Barrie Courthouse

Littlejohn Barristers is an established personal injury law firm in Barrie. For your convenience, our office is just minutes from the County Courthouse. Your case can be decided right here in your community.
It’s All About You
We’re Responsive to You
At Littlejohn Barristers, you are our focus. Our lawyers are ready to help you with the challenges you will face. Representing victims of motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall accidents, disability claims, it’s all we do. We ensure our clients receive fair compensation. You’ll get compassionate expert legal assistance and you won’t pay until after we settle. Call us to discuss your potential case. We will be candid, transparent and responsive throughout the process.
Our lawyers have over 25 years of personal injury experience. Trust us to take care of every detail for you, every step along the way. We’ll see that your case gains prominence and your individual issues are addressed. We offer the resources, services and medical experts to obtain the best possible outcome. We fight for your financial stability, your privacy and your ongoing care going forward throughout the litigation process because it is what is right and fair.

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Do you have a question for our lawyers? Please fill in our eform – we will reply to your questions or comments as quickly as possible. You should not send any confidential information to the firm until you have signed and received a contingency fee retainer agreement from the firm to perform legal services on your behalf. Unless you have received such an agreement, you are not a client of the firm, and you understand and agree that the firm will have no duty to keep confidential any information that you are sending. You can also call our office to set up an appointment.
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